that the “passing of the peace,” while not a biblical practice, comes from biblical instruction? 

Jesus tells his listeners in Matthew 5:23-24, part of the Sermon on the Mount, that if they are at odds with a fellow believer, they should make peace with that person before approaching the altar with their gift. 

Ancient sources confirm that a practice of sharing the gift of peace was observed in the early church. Rather than being a “Hi, y’all!”, a time to make plans, or catch up on news, it is a time to share the peace of Christ with those around you and it is important to include any visitors among us. 

For more on this subject, please see “What is the Exchange of Peace?” at: 20Resources%20Repository Are you thinking that this is not relevant at the moment? Obviously, we can’t physically shake hands and greet each other right now, but we can keep in touch with phone calls, emails, texts, and cards. 

Could it be even more important to share the love and peace of Christ at this time?