Meals on Wheels begins its 46th year with a continued mission to provide well-balanced nutritious meals to those in our community who are unable to prepare meals or shop. This helps to keep the elderly in their own homes supporting the dignity of independent living.

In 2013 we served 9,675 meals to 141 recipients. We deliver meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday at a cost per meal of $5.36 but the cost to the client has remained at $4.00 per meal.  We have 22 recipients who receive free  meals at a cost of $725.00 each per year. 

In 2013 we received donations of $20,664.47 from local churches, civic groups, foundations and individual contributions. Donations make up to 32% of our budget and we are thankful for all the generous donors that support us year after year.

None of the 110 volunteers are paid and we get no federal subsidy.

Bethesda has a kitchen crew that works the second and fourth Friday of every month. 

If  you are interested in helping in the kitchen or with delivery, see: 

Board of Directors member Shirley Seben.

If you know anyone who needs meals, call (724) 334-4404 Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 9 am and noon.

Our current volunteers are:  Chuck & Donna Crawford, Barb Howard, and Kathy Sabo.