Pastor Elaine Hower

null    February 2019


Dear Friends,

Lent begins on March 6th, below is a guide from the ELCA that we can use during the Lenten season.

In Lent, we “take hold of the promise” of God’s grace together, knowing that the road does not end at Calvary but at an empty tomb – and the assurance of new life for us, for our neighbors and for all of God’s creation.

PRACTICING LENT There are four disciplines, or spiritual practices, that guide our time during Lent. Use the questions and prompts below to reflect on the Lenten disciplines: repentance, prayer and fasting, sacrificial giving, and works of love.

REPENTANCE What are some of the challenges that make it difficult to focus on your neighbors?

PRAYER AND FASTING What fast will you choose this Lent? How will your prayers and fasting help remind you of the needs of your neighbors during the season?

SACRIFICIAL GIVING How will you support your neighbors through ELCA ministries this season? Consider committing to a giving goal for Lent, setting a portion aside each day until Palm Sunday.

WORKS OF LOVE Martin Luther reminds us that we are not saved by works – but grace does call us to offer our works with joy and gratitude to our neighbors in need. How might you “take hold of the promise” this Lent by your works of love for others?

Still in one peace,

Pastor Elaine Hower