Pastor Elaine Hower

null   August 2019



Dear Friends,

           Dear Friends, As it usually seems, summer is going quickly. Even with all the days of rain there is much beauty of the earth in the season. I hope you are finding time to enjoy all the "green" and the warmth.

Life has its rhythms - seasonally and eventfully. For me, this past week has been an example of the seasons of life. One day was marked by a small family gathering to celebrate the 16th birthday of one of our grandsons, Michael, Jr. He is very excited to have his driver's learner's permit. The next day - the weekend - Bob and I attended the out-oftown wedding of the granddaughter of a couple we have been close to for many years and have shared many joys and sorrows. This week I will officiate at the funeral of a woman who worked in Bob's office for many years and was a friend. Life has come full circle in one week.

At the wedding the minister reminded everyone that it is through the cross of Jesus Christ that the key is given that locks the door on all our past mistakes and it is also the key that opens the door to new life and new opportunities to serve Him. Whatever life brings, in whatever "season" of life we are experiencing, through the grace and power of Jesus Christ, we know that He walks with us. Sometimes the pastor hears what she needs to hear, over and over again. 

Pastor Elaine Hower