Pastor Elaine Hower

Dear Friends,

August has come so quickly - the time of high school band camp and classes is soon. Before summer

ends take some time to sit with God and consider all the beauty of summer and all God's goodness especially

in these summer months. Before the fall routine begins consider expressing your gratitude to God for

guiding you and for the goodness of his ongoing presence.

Over time this will bring you a much greater awareness of God's presence in all the ordinary moments

of life in summer, fall, and the ordinary seasons of life. Consider beginning each day with this prayer

followed by a few moments of meditative silence with God.

                I believe
                       my life is touched by you,
                            that you want something for me,
                   and of me.
                   Give me ears
                              to hear you, eyes 
                         to see the tracing of your finger in all my life,
                  and a heart
                            quickened by the motions 
                 of your Spirit deep within.

(written by Ted Loder, "Guerrillas of Grace")


Still in one peace,

Pastor Elaine Hower