Pastor Elaine Hower

null    May 2019

Dear Friends,

           The celebration of Easter was glorious at Bethesda.  The question of Easter is "What does resurrection life look like on the other side of the empty tomb?

           The theme of our Easter worship was "Easter Changes Everything".   All of our expectations of living change following our encounter with the mystery of God in the resurrection.  In the weeks to come in worship we will explore what that means for us as individuals and what it means to be a resurrected community of faith, the church.

Four essentials of resurrection life we will focus on are:

The Great Commandment - Love One Another as Jesus has loved us

The Great Commission - Go into all the world and share the Gospel in words and actions

Worship - Give all honor and praise to God in a variety of ways that speak to different people

From time spent with God be strengthened and energized in faith knowing that all of life - and beyond - is lived in Him.

One author writes, "Faithfulness (what I name as resurrection life) is being on the Way with the Way, the Truth, and the Life...connecting with and changing our lives and our lives together."

May the joy of Easter transform all of our lives!

Christ is Risen!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!

Still in one piece,

Pastor Elaine Hower