Pastor Elaine Hower

null    July 2019



Dear Friends,

            From the time our children and grandchildren can speak we teach them and constantly remind them to say "thank you" for gifts and kindnesses from others.  When we do this enough times hearts are reminded that gratitude is a pattern of the heart.  Not only are we reminded to thank other people but to thank God - blessings before food and sleep.

            I recently read a devotion by the late theologian Henri Nouwen about        gratitude:

            "Gratitude means that all of life is a pure gift...all I am and have is given to me as a gift of be celebrated with joy...a conscious choice.  An old proverb says, "Who does not thank for little will not thank for much".  Acts of gratitude make one grateful because, step by tp, they reveal that all is grace."       

            Daily gratitude - giving thanks to God - changes our relationship with God.  Gratitude reminds us of the abundance of His gifts to us.  Each and every day give thanks to God for the life He gives to you, whatever it brings.  "Thus gratitude becomes a quality of our hearts that allows us to live joyfully and peacefully."

Still in one piece,

Pastor Elaine Hower