Prayer Group

Bethesda’s Prayer Group meets throughout the year (with occasional breaks) and is open to men and women of any denomination. Participants believe in the power of prayer, recognizing its extreme importance in our everyday lives. 
Weekly meetings are held on Thursdays from 11 a.m. - noon in one of the meeting rooms in the church’s basement.  
Participants engage in silent and spoken prayer for shut-ins and respond to personal prayer requests and those of others. The group accepts prayer requests from anyone, all of which are kept confidential within the group. Bethesda members also can make requests via the prayer boxes in the sanctuary or by contacting the church office.   
The Prayer Group believes that God listens to prayer, and there is power in group prayer.  
There’s no commitment to weekly attendance, and people are encouraged to participate when their schedules permit.   
For more information, to participate or submit a prayer request, contact the church office at 724-335-0559 or